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Concours photo astronomie

concours photo astronomie

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The photograph was taken by Alexandre Santerne, an astronomer who studies exoplanets himself.
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Lire plus potw1252 Photo de la semaine, aLMAs solitude astronomie 24 décembre 2012 : This panoramic view of the Chajnantor Plateau concours shows the site of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (alma taken from astronomie near the peak lire of Cerro Chico.At the centre of this very rich region of gas, dust and itrf young stars photo lies the star cluster photo NGC 1929.The winds and supernova shock waves have carved out a huge cavity, called a superbubble, in the surrounding gas.Le iufm squelette de l'abris du télescope est visible sur sa base circulaire, entouré par une cage concours temporaire d'échafaudages.Rchoud, édon, qRC Droit public et institutions politiques.Various different techniques are used in this search for new worlds.

To its left, concours the concours Sun has already set concours over the paris Pacific Ocean covered by clouds below the altitude of Paranal, as usual.
Une concours fois par mois durant 2012, une Photo de la Semaine comparant le concours Passé et gabon le concours Présent montrera comment les choses concours concours ont changé durant les décennies au observatoires de La Silla et de Paranal, les installations ESO gabon à Santiago du Chili et le Siège Social.
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With this spectacular 360-degree panorama, you can imagine the view that you would have if you were standing there, near the southern edge of the VLTs platform.Le début paris des travaux sur le dôme du premier Unit Telescope (UT1) peuvent être vus dans cette image historique, prise vers la fin d'Octobre.This phenomenon can sometimes be seen around the times of sunset and sunrise, if the sky is clear and the horizon.As the Earth rotates towards another concours day, the stars gabon of the Milky Way above the desert stretch into colourful streaks.In reality, though, they show the rotation of the Earth, revealed by the photographs long exposure.

In this unusual photograph, telescopes using two of these methods, the ESO.6-metre telescope with the harps spectrograph, and the space telescope CoRoT, have been captured in the same shot.
The plateau appears curved, because of the effect of the wide-angle lens used.
The penitentes (Spanish for penitents) are a curious astronomie natural phenomenon found in high altitude regions, typically more than 4000 metres above sea level.